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The Beast

I painted this piece in 2015 as a constant reminder to find and explore the beast within me.

I painted this piece to remind others that we are a lot stronger than we think and that if you set your mind to something and activate that beast mode that exists within you, you can achieve anything.

People often doubt their capabilities and give up when they don't see the fruits of their labour instantaneously and before achieving what they desire.

We tend to forget that nothing in life comes easy and that we have to persevere to achieve our goals. I encourage you to find that light within you, seek that beast within you, and channel that power to reach your goals and make your dreams a reality.

This art piece uses various colours that relay different emotions. The process of growth and channelling that inner beast is not linear. The growth process is a roller coaster that ignites a spectrum of emotion every step of the way.

The colour red in the painting symbolizes courage, love, and anger. The colour blue conveys serenity, calmness, depth, and power. The colour green resembles growth, compassion and balance. And last but not least, the yellow represents optimism, energy, and hope.

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