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Acrylic, oil, ink, and impasto with palette knife on 120cm x 120cm (48”x48”) stretched canvas

Sérendipité depicts a woman looking into the future grasping life’s changes and absorbing her new surroundings. I painted this piece when I moved to Toronto a year ago during the early stages of the pandemic.

During that time, there were so many changes happening in my life and in the world as a whole. I wanted to add colour to all the startling noise that was continuously being reiterated on the news.

The woman embodies courage and strength; she is grasping the changes in her life, and while things may be difficult in the world, she is still holding on to hope, and looking forward to the future ahead of her. The message behind this piece is to seize life’s changes, embrace new chapters in your life, and most of all, accept that you cannot control everything. Sometimes the key to finding happiness is done by letting go.
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