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Angela Bassett

120 cm x 120 cm / 48 inches x 48 inches, mixed media on stretched canvas, 2019

Angela Bassett is an Oscar-nominated celebrity celebrated in series called Icons with a Purpose. I painted her portrait on a 120 cm x 120 cm stretched canvas using mixed media. Basset is a Yale University alumna and was awarded Yale's Undergraduate Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020. The award recognizes Yale graduates for their exceptional work in a particular field, and she is the first-ever African American recipient of this award. Angela Basset is an advocator for Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Basset is a humanitarian that has supported numerous causes, including At-risk Youth, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Poverty, Creative Arts, and Health. She is a UNICEF ambassador who focuses on supporting children who have diabetes and foster homes dedicated to helping underprivileged infants and teenagers. Basset supports programs for the arts, specifically for the youth, which include the Royal Theater Boys & Girls Club in St. Petersburg, Florida, her hometown.

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