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Amy Winehouse






100 cm x 100 cm / 40 inches x 40 inches, mixed media on stretched canvas, 2018.

British singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse was such a young talent that was gone too fast. Winehouse was a star and a true talent who brought the 70s back in her music and her style; she simply was a blast from the past that lasted for a little while and left the word too soon. Her music and her phenomenal voice captured our hearts in a very short time. She skyrocketed in fame after winning multiple Grammys for her album Back to Black.

Amy grew up on jazz music, and taught herself how to play the guitar after receiving her first guitar at the age if 13. Amy had a distinct style, she had a beehive like hairstyle, and became a model for fashion designers. Her vulnerability, delicate personality and self- destructive behaviour was common on tabloids, and subject to controversy and criticism.

Winehouse experimented with a diverse range of soul, jazz, reggae, pop and R&B. She had a special power of channeling the feelings of despair and hurt in her performances.

Winehouse passed away at the age of 27 after a long battle with alcohol addiction. Amy’s passing caused mourning worldwide, she was a natural talent that was gone too fast.

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