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2020 Vision

I created this piece using mixed media on a 120cm x 120cm stretched canvas. The motto behind "2020 vision" is about adding colour and positivity to the sadness around us. The world is struggling; people are losing loved ones, mental illness has skyrocketed, and both anxiety and fear are overpowering the air. The goal of this image is to deviate some of the negativity away from your life.

This Audrey Hepburn painting is a reminder to stay positive, go for that walk, and a reminder to take care of your body and your mental well-being.

Hepburn was a humanitarian activist and a child's rights advocate, and her legacy deserves to be commemorated. In 1989, Hepburn was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She devoted a significant chunk of her life travelling the globe and helping the world's most vulnerable children.

Most people only know Hepburn as a movie icon, but her support for UNICEF stemmed from her personal history when she was a refugee infant after World War II. The UNICEF agents saved her life as a young child from the horrifying famine in the Netherlands. As a result of her past struggles, Hepburn felt indebted to UNICEF and fought to help other children that were once in her shoes. Hepburn's granddaughter explained that Hepburn saw her modelling and acting career as a means to acquire enough power and influence to draw significant attention to helping the children of the world.

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