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I painted "Nazar" on a 48" x 48" stretched canvas using mixed media.

The mediums used to create this piece include: a mop, brushes, knives, impasto, resin, bead glass media, and so forth.

"Nazar" deriving from the Arabic language, means sight, vision, surveillance and attention. The Nazar symbol is also known as the Evil Eye, and it is common in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries, including Greece, Egypt and Turkey. References of the evil eye are in Hebrew texts of Judaism.

The Evil Eye/ Nazar is used to ward off evil, jealousy, envy, negative energy, and the gaze of misfortune. The Nazar amulet is a symbol of good luck, good fortune, and prosperity. The eye is also a symbol of Higher Knowledge; seeing and perceiving everything like God omniscient: The Eye of God.

Fun fact, my name in Greek is Sophia, which means wisdom and knowledge. Hence my social Instagram user name, SophieKnowsBetter.
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