SOPHIE b.VISUAl Ar t i s t

Raised in Bordeaux, France, Sophie Brussaux is an award-winning visual artist, who aims to use her art to make a positive impact on the world.


Inspired by cultural symbolism and spirituality, Sophie's paintings reveal biblical & Sci-Fi fixtures in possible dystopian futures and pop iconography. Her complex experience stemming from academic studies, professional endeavours and extensive international travels have influenced not only her artistic eye but also her outlook on life and philosophies she lives by. Sophie's experiences have her exploring and navigating parallel worlds of exhibiting in museums, global art-loving nightclubs, meeting the Pope in the Vatican while championing for UN Sustainable Development Goals and gracing the covers of magazines. The roadmap of Sophie's life is a collective of moments and experiences that have led to her passionate and impactful work.


The chapter of motherhood has drawn out multifaceted goals and aspirations that once never held a spot in her heart or mind. Sophie sees the world through the eyes of her child and wants it better and art is her vessel to leaving a legacy of herself for him.


A long-awaited aspiration of Sophie was to showcase her work in an impactful way. She was able to accomplish this goal at her latest solo exhibition, Icons with a Purpose. In collaboration with the iconic Design Exchange Museum (formally the historic Toronto Stock Exchange trading floor), the exhibit was a culmination of Sophie's hard work and determination. The event was a showcase of industry leaders using their platforms to make an impact and working towards the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). UN-Habitat was on hand at the event to recognize Sophie and the Design exchange formally for their contribution to the realization of the SDG.


 It was during this event that Sophie announced her new role as the Artistic Director of Arts Help a global digital not-for-profit Art platform, with a 2.5 million-strong community. The new role will be fulfilled by experiences culminating from Sophie's travels, life experience, and showcases {formal and informal} in cities like NYC, Dubai, Toronto, London, Milan, Paris, and more.


Sophie will continue to champion her work as an artist, mother, and entrepreneur to ensure she leaves this world a little better.       



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sophie's work is the kind of creatives we want to provide a platform here



Sophie’s work inspires the heart and the mind as it is rooted in the conviction that a better world is possible

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